Team Britannia

Peer-to-peer lenders help launch Excalibur

The term "peer-to-peer" usually comes up these days in the context of the techy networking end of computing. Not so many might realise that it also appears in the financial world as peer-to-peer lending.

It's based on the principles of pawnbroking, where someone borrows money, offering personal assets as security - in fact, the way Lombard banking started in Italy in the Middle Ages. What makes it different today is the way those who want to lend money (ie invest) are connected up with those who want to borrow, and that's what makes Team Britannia's business association with FundingSecure such an attractive proposition.

For investors, potential loans are posted up on FundingSecure's platform rather like you might see on a crowd-funding page, with a target amount, so lenders can choose how much they put in. Interest rates will vary depending on the risk, but ultimately they see what's being offered as collateral, and FundingSecure's part includes doing background checks on the borrowers. Interestingly, if you click on the link below, you'll see Team Britannia's Excalibur as one of the current investment opportunities.

Of course, no investment is without risk, but in Team Britannia's case, there's an extra layer of security which doesn't appear in the prospectus - we don't ever give up! Throughout the years the project has been running, including building a previous boat which ended up being scrapped following an arson attack, we've dusted ourselves off after numerous setbacks and got back on with the job. And with a boat that's now close to being finished, that last little push will see Excalibur in the water, and Team Britannia ready to take on the world.